4 Situations That Call for Emergency Tree Removal

photo of cut up tree trunk and a complete tree service truck in charleston sc

There are some situations where an immediate tree removal is necessary. Most of the time, the need to remove a tree isn’t readily apparent until something happens like a tree falling over or splitting in half. For situations such as these, it’s important to remove the tree as quickly as possible to prevent further damage (like a fallen limb on your car) or accidents (like someone getting injured by debris.)

Here are four situations when it’s necessary to remove a tree immediately:

1.    Sick Tree

Viruses, pests and fungi sometimes find their way into a tree and slowly kill it from within. An unhealthy tree may seem like a simple eyesore but a diseased tree can be hazardous as well. Sick trees should be removed immediately.

Not sure if your tree is diseased? Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Powdery white mildew
  • Peeling bark
  • Seeping fluid
  • Yellow, brown, wilted or spotted leaves
  • Gall (lumpy growths)
  • Holes in bark

2.    Broken Branches

In most cases, broken branches can be removed quickly without harming the tree with professional pruning services. However, there are some cases where broken branches are a signal the tree is dying or dead. If a tree has lost more than half its branches, it won’t make it through the next growing season.

3.    Storm Hit

If there’s a serious storm on the way and your tree needs removal, it can become a dangerous situation quickly. Removing the hazardous tree before a storm can avoid potential problems, but sometimes it’s the storm itself that causes the damage. Hurricanes, tornados, rainstorms and windstorms can grab a tree’s canopy and uproot it. Rainstorms and flooding can loosen the sediment and cause a tree to topple. Wind and lightning can snap a tree in half or damage it beyond repair while snow and ice can add so much weight to a tree’s boughs the branches break or the tree splits.

4.    Leaning Tree

Some trees gradually grow at an angle over time and it’s no cause for concern. However, if a tree suddenly begins leaning, showing cracks or taking on a noticeable angle, it may be a sign it may fall. Call a professional arborist or certified tree service near you to have it evaluated. If you’re in the Charleston, SC area and looking for tree removal, call Complete Tree Service at (843) 814-4545.

While DIY tree removal may seem tempting, it’s not advisable. Not only is the process time consuming and laborious, you could injure yourself or others. At Complete Tree Service in Charleston, SC we provide emergency tree removal to protect you and your property. Give us a call at  (843) 814-4545 today.


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