Does My Tree Need a Trimming?

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Part of having trees on your property is trimming them from time to time. But figuring out what time they need to be trimmed can be tricky if you’re not a tree expert. Trimming and pruning are important to keep trees healthy. Trimming can also help keep you and your property safe, like when branches are disrupting a walkway or they’re likely to be a hazard during a storm. Trimming can also be purely aesthetic. Everyone wants their trees to look good. Today we’re going to learn how to know when a tree needs to be trimmed:

  • Signs of disease. When a tree becomes diseased, it’s important to remove the infected areas as quickly as you can to avoid its spread. Inspect the leaves of your trees, checking for discoloration or signs of fungal growth. Check the branches for signs of decay. When wood is weak, it’s more prone to breaking which can lead to safety concerns.
  • Overgrowth. When a tree grows too large, branches may invade areas where they don’t belong. Whether you just don’t like the way they look or they’re a safety concern, it may be time to trim. You don’t want your tree to experience uncontrolled growth because this may result in needing a major pruning which can damage the tree. Prune your tree early before it grows too large.
  • Avoid hazards before and after a storm. When a storm is on its way, you may not have much time to trim your tree. Plan ahead to address any safety concerns you have. It’s also essential to check your trees after a storm. There may be obvious signs of weakness. Hanging limbs and broken branches should be removed so they don’t become safety concerns during the next storm. Be careful not to overtrim, it can cause permanent damage.

Here at Complete Tree Service in South Carolina, we provide tree trimming and pruning services to many areas including Charleston, West Ashley, Mt Pleasant and Summerville. We’re here to help you with tree services in Charleston. Our services are tree removal, trimming, pruning, tree cleanup, stump grinding, storm damage cleanup and 24/7 emergency services. If you’re not sure where your tree needs a trimming and need a professional to help, give us a call at 843-814-4545.


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