Tree Pruning & Trimming in Charleston

Tree Trimming Services in Charleston

South Carolina is full of many beautiful trees such as oak, crepe myrtle and pine but these types of trees require pruning and care to look their best. Many people undertake DIY tree trimming and end up over-pruning, damaging the tree and negatively impacting natural growth. Our tree care specialists understand how essential proper tree trimming is to a tree’s inner and outer beauty. Complete Tree Service provides tree pruning that will stimulate natural growth and good health. The benefits of Professional Tree Trimming & Pruning Include:

  • Building their strength against storms and heavy winds
  • Increasing their resistance against disease and pests
  • Improving sunlight for increased growth
  • Removing unhealthy branches and limbs
  • Removing dangerous branches and limbs
  • Increasing the trees life and health

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Professional Tree Trimming Services

Timely trimming is the key to maintaining attractive trees. The process removes dead branches, maintains good shape and improves overall appearance. We’ve provided full-service tree care in the Charleston, SC area for decades and understand the science and art of tree maintenance. Overgrown trees are not only an eyesore, they can be dangerous. Heavy, unruly limbs may snap and fall or grow too close to power lines or your home. Not sure if it’s time for a trim? Call us today for a free consultation and tree assessment.

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